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  3. @everyone 01 June 2020 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD FROM: EXILED ORDER COMMAND STAFF TO: Membership of Exiled Order SUBJECT: Authorization for Award Attention to Orders, 1. On 01 June 2020, the Command Staff of Exiled Order hereby awards the following members; a. The following members are hereby awarded and authorized to display the Distinguished Service Medal; Aaron, Jake, ShadowCall b. The following members are hereby authorized to display the Purple Heart; Aaron (2), Delly (2), Doodlebob (2), ConvexElement, Iankiller99, Intron, Mitchell (3), Retr
  4. Delly

    Server Seeding

    Main seeding and gaming nights on our [EO] Exiled Order Tactical Gameplay #1 - Mixed Modes!
  5. 26 May 2020 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD FROM: EXILED ORDER COMMAND STAFF TO: Intron, Doodlebob, ShadowCall, HyperjsoN, Mitchell SUBJECT: Authorization for Promotion Attention to Orders, 1. On 25 May 2020, Exiled Order [EO] had a community merge with Seal Team 6 [ST6]. This was an outstanding feat that is creating one large and outstanding team. With the community growing ever so rapidly, from the merge, to the recruitment, the Command Staff of Exiled Order has authorized five (5) members to be promoted. 2. These members were hand selected due to their
  6. 17 May 2020 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD FROM: EXILED ORDER COMMAND STAFF SUBJECT: Limited Squad Gameplay 1. On 17 May 2020, it was brought to our attention that there was dereliction of duty and abuse of power being committed on our server. Specifically, maps were altered using the administrative commands to change the rotation of play. Also, there were nine (9) player squads for armor, when it requires no more than three (3). 2. You are hereby ordered to cease any and all abuse of power immediately! This is a direct violation of Article 92, Failure
  7. Members & Guests, Exiled Order’s Board of Directors and Administration Staff have decided to support Offworld Industries games. This means we shall officially support fully Squad and maybe a few others as time progresses (Post Scriptum, Beyond the Wire, ArmA 3). Exiled Order was founded on tactical gameplay and professionalism, we plan to continue both aspects during our rebuild phase. Our clan shall support both the casual and competitive scenes within our supported games. There will be more information about our competitive scene at a later date. New changes; no roll-calls, no
  8. Dear Community, Welcome to the revamp of Exiled Order [EO|]. Starting mid-March, we have decided to rebuild our community with the foundation of original Exiled Order administrative staff. Our mission is to provide both casual and competitive gamers a place to come together, socialize, and play. Our website, discord, teamspeak, and steam groups are available to all members and to the public as a whole. We value maturity, respect, activity, and ambition. Over the past decade, members have developed a tight bond that continues to grow in the essence of gaming and friendship. Our
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