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  3. Delly

    Our S-6 (Signal Corps) has been looking into our archives of original members who did NOT have account on this platform. We were able to look through past rosters, Personnel Files and other items that we have kept over the years. During our last import of Discharged Members we were able to import 70 accounts! At this time we would like to announce that 30 Original Members of Exiled Order were able to have accounts imported and we welcome you back onto our forums and website. Please be warned, that all Discharged Members will be recieving an email in regards to potentially re-enlisting/joining Exiled Order. If you have any questions, seek out a member of S-1 and/or Command Staff.
  4. 25 May 2018 MEMORANDUM FOR ALL MEMBERS FROM: HQ Co. – S1, Personnel Office SUBJECT: Proper use of Channels and Rooms 1. It has come to the attention of the Personnel Office, that members are not using channels in an appropriate manner. We have been informed that Personal Offices are being used for AFK, Games are being played in non-gaming rooms, etc. As of 25 May 2018, channel use will be enforced. 2. If you are going AFK for an extended period of time (15+ minutes), you will move to the AFK Channel. If you are engaged in a gaming session, you will use the proper gaming channel: PS in the PS Channels, Squad in the Squad channels, other games in the Other Game channels 1-5. Members with offices will not be in their offices unless they are conducting official business: Meetings, Disciplinary Action, Paperwork. 3. If a member is not engaged in the previously mentioned scenarios, they are to be in Public Lounge 1 or 2. It is unbecoming of members to hide in channels, misuse channels, or not be social with the community. We want to provide a fun, enjoyable and friendly environment. xXGLITCHXx, CPT., EO Headquarters Company Commanding Officer Office Use - EO.doc
  5. Paperbags


    Only 26$ short. Maybe next time.
  6. Delly


    @Paperbags You need to Pre-Order Post Scriptum and you'll be able to participate in the weekend testings.
  7. Paperbags


    How I do?
  8. Delly

    Post Scriptum Weekend Testing 2

    Check your gear, load your guns and be prepared for the weekend testings!
  9. Delly

    Post Scriptum Weekend Testing

    Check your gear, load your guns and be prepared for the weekend testings!
  10. Delly

    EO| Video Recording Session

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  12. Skippy

    Operation Blazing Hemp #420

    Roll up your blunts and celebrate #420! Gather your equipment! We are hitting the dirt at 18:00 EST. The opposition has been attacking Hemp fields in order to distrupt 420 celebrations on this fine holiday. It's time to take the Hemp back!Gear Check: 17:30(EST)Mobilization: 17:45 (EST)ETA: 18:00 (EST) Let's take the Hemp back! Remember Towlie!
  13. Delly

    Our website is now 100% back online. We are in the progress of re-vamping our staff and importing all of the created accounts of past members of EO|, registered member accounts and other items that deal with accounts on our forums. ALL MEMBERSHIP BANS HAVE BEEN REVOKED!
  14. Delly

    OFFICIAL NOTICE While we have used the [EO] tags since 2014, a majority of the Administration feel that it is time for change. Back when we created our steam groups for Exiled Order we couldn't use the current tags and instead had to use EO|. Well with that said, we are to officially be using the EO| tags on steam in your name or in-game on Squad. Intstructions: Squad: In order to add the prefix / clan tags in Squad you will have to go to "Settings" -> "Game Settings" -> Prefix. Please make sure that you use a 'space' ( _ ) after the '|' character. Steam: Here is an example of how your name should look like: EO| 'Name' Please note that there is a 'space' ( _ ) in between the tags itself and your gaming alias. This is effective today - March 7th, 2018!
  15. Delly

    Update #12: Exiled Order will now be holding nightly events! Check out
  16. Delly

    Update #11: We have re-added our roster page and functionality to pull users that have joined Exiled Order. This applies to all membership groups.
  17. Delly

    Update #5: All membership bans, dishonorable discharges and warning points have been revoked! Update #6: We are currently fixing our membership application. Update #7: Our membership application has been completed and we are now accepting applications once again! Update #8: We're currently working on our Admin/Mod permissions. Update #9: We're also working on our request forms - LOAs/Discharge/Promotion(Mod/Admin) Update#10: Work on an updated forum theme is currently being worked on, more details about this update are to come later in the weekend.
  18. Delly

    Update #1: All forum areas have been established. Update #2: All 223 user accounts have been imported, please check your email for your username and password. You will notice that it will say it’s from Invision Community. Update #3: All former plugins have been added to the forums once again. We will continue to keep you updated with more information in the morning hours. We apologize for any inconvenience that there may be. Update #4: We now allow you to use steam to log in on our forums! For existing accounts, you will need to go to 'Account Settings' -> 'Steam' -> It will then prompt you to login with your information. Once you have saved the settings for steam, you will be able to login via steam on the same account. Any new accounts that come to our forums will be able to use their steam account to log in with our forums, the only thing we require for those types of accounts is an email to complete the registration process.
  19. Official Memorandum 1 - 16FEB2018 Yesterday there were problems that came up with our forums, we attempted to repair the damage to the best of our abilities. However, this was proven to be unsuccessful and we were forced to wipe our databases and begin from scratch. We will continue to provide updates in this thread about our forums and what is happening. All other daily operations are to continue, this means but are not limited to; recruitment, playing on our server(s), hanging out in TeamSpeak. We are recommending all members to monitor this topic as more important information will be released via this thread.
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