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  2. We have decided to extend our furlough to Sunday, February 4, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience, however the staff is continuing to revamp and determine new and old endeavors.
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  4. Annual Furlough

    Enjoy your time off folks, NO MAJOR OPERATIONAL ITEMS ARE REQUIRED. All applications will be placed on HOLD but not fully processed.
  5. It has been some time since our last news update about the standings of Exiled Order. Well have no fear, during this time it is our scheduled break or stand-down period from all major activities due to the holidays. We have offered all of our members this break since our creation as a gaming community and will continue throughout the years. All of our major operations will continue as of January 7th, 2018! Exiled Order will be once again a dedicated gaming community/clan and with the progression of Squad, we have decided to make it our main focus. Our server information will be given out once our stand-down period has concluded so keep an eye on our forums and steam groups. We hope you have a safe & wonderful holiday season and will see you in 2018! Exiled Order Administration Staff
  6. New Announcement #1: As of September 7, 2017 - myself (Delly) and other senior officials have decided to put an end to SADPS due to a few reasons. The first being the lack of activity that occurred on our server as a whole, there were times where the server was completely full and others when we were the only ones on it. This I found was a financial disaster waiting to happen. The next reason being, the issues that the developers continued to make while they were updating clients and deciding to use a new server networking - this has been proven to cause so many issues. I guess, you can say... I lost faith in the roleplaying scene on GTA. To those of who are members of SADPS: Please know that none of the leadership lost faith in the project as a whole, we kept building off one another to keep going to make things work out. As you can tell, this did not happen. The DPS.ORG web address has been terminated, as has the BLAINECOUNTYROLEPLAY.COM web address. Though, you can continue to log onto teamspeak with the ts.***********.org/com, we recommend that you use our original IP for the server; Any member of SADPS that wishes to continue their membership while we transition back into Exiled Order is to contact the names listed below as soon as possible. New Announcement #2: With what has been said above, I would like to announce that the re-organization and mobilization of Exiled Order has commenced! That is right folks, we are returning to our former glory as a gaming clan/community. This time, we will be limiting our interests to a maximum of three (3) games as our main focus. While we do encourge those who want to join a community that plays games together, we will mainly be having our focus on the main games that we decide to recruit for. These games are to be announced at a later date and will be putting up a poll in our member's discussion to decide. Again, Exiled Order will have a three (3) game main focus, but will be recruiting all types of players for other games. If you know any one who would like to join [EO], have them hop on teamspeak and fill out an application! To those of who were members of [EO]: Any former member of [EO] who wishes to resume their membership prior to our shut down back in March, please contact @Delly, @xXGLITCHXx, @Drills, @Shnan and/or @Jake Pierce! Take note, we will be restructuring the clan for all positions, rules and other items that we beleive that should be looked at. The Staff and myself would like to clean the slate with those of you who have any ill feelings and speculations against our community. There will be a new way of running the clan, first being a new Staff line-up. The next being is that we will be having a much more relaxed point of view for our membership and staff. There will not be the crazy amount of time that we will be requiring as we did previously. The main reason for [EO] orginally was community/clan where you could meet new people and establish long lasting friendships. We feel that during some point of our rapidly growing day by day community, we caused a lot of turbulence between membership and our staff or even between staff on staff. This we feel is unacceptable and are striving to put [EO] back onto the map by not causing the rifts that we have in the past. Please accept this as our apology from myself (Delly) and the other staff members between the years of 2014 and 2016. Let us continue on our war path! Thank you, The Exiled Order Staff THE HIATUS IS OVER
  7. Opening Day

    All LEOs and EMS personnel, along with Whitelisted Civs are requested to attend. This will be held on our public server, be ready for roleplay situations and be on for this!
  8. Staff Meeting

    Staff Meeting for all Sgts, Zone Sgts, Lieutenants & Captains; 911 Supervisors included ALL DIVISIONS! 12 AM EST - 9 PM PST
  9. Full Patrol for all zones

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