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  1. OFFICIAL NOTICE While we have used the [EO] tags since 2014, a majority of the Administration feel that it is time for change. Back when we created our steam groups for Exiled Order we couldn't use the current tags and instead had to use EO|. Well with that said, we are to officially be using the EO| tags on steam in your name or in-game on Squad. Intstructions: Squad: In order to add the prefix / clan tags in Squad you will have to go to "Settings" -> "Game Settings" -> Prefix. Please make sure that you use a 'space' ( _ ) after the '|' character. Steam: Here is an example of how your name should look like: EO| 'Name' Please note that there is a 'space' ( _ ) in between the tags itself and your gaming alias. This is effective today - March 7th, 2018!
  2. until

    We play on our own server. [EO]
  3. Update #12: Exiled Order will now be holding nightly events! Check out
  4. Squad Nightly Events Event Details: These events will be held on: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays. These events will start at approximately 1600 EST (1300 PST) and end anytime between 2300 EST (2000 PST) to 0200 EST (2300 PST). The events are made to help new players that are just getting into Squad and wish to learn more about the game in a tactical manner. They are also to be designed to serve as Exiled Order's recruitment nights and drives. *For these events we request that if any member is available, that they could get on to assist with these nights - it'll be greatly appreciated. **Please check the calendar for your local time (GMT/UTC) scheduling of these events.
  5. Squad Server / Recruitment Night

    We are making a weekly gaming night schedule to help in recruitment, advertising and marketing. If you can attend any of the nights to assist in making [EO] great and a power house, please attend. Check the times for your local listings.
  6. Update #11: We have re-added our roster page and functionality to pull users that have joined Exiled Order. This applies to all membership groups.
  7. Update #5: All membership bans, dishonorable discharges and warning points have been revoked! Update #6: We are currently fixing our membership application.
  8. Update #1: All forum areas have been established. Update #2: All 223 user accounts have been imported, please check your email for your username and password. You will notice that it will say it’s from Invision Community.
  9. Official Memorandum 1 - 16FEB2018 Yesterday there were problems that came up with our forums, we attempted to repair the damage to the best of our abilities. However, this was proven to be unsuccessful and we were forced to wipe our databases and begin from scratch. We will continue to provide updates in this thread about our forums and what is happening. All other daily operations are to continue, this means but are not limited to; recruitment, playing on our server(s), hanging out in TeamSpeak. We are recommending all members to monitor this topic as more important information will be released via this thread.