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  1. 25 May 2018 MEMORANDUM FOR ALL MEMBERS FROM: HQ Co. – S1, Personnel Office SUBJECT: Proper use of Channels and Rooms 1. It has come to the attention of the Personnel Office, that members are not using channels in an appropriate manner. We have been informed that Personal Offices are being used for AFK, Games are being played in non-gaming rooms, etc. As of 25 May 2018, channel use will be enforced. 2. If you are going AFK for an extended period of time (15+ minutes), you will move to the AFK Channel. If you are engaged in a gaming session, you will use the proper gaming channel: PS in the PS Channels, Squad in the Squad channels, other games in the Other Game channels 1-5. Members with offices will not be in their offices unless they are conducting official business: Meetings, Disciplinary Action, Paperwork. 3. If a member is not engaged in the previously mentioned scenarios, they are to be in Public Lounge 1 or 2. It is unbecoming of members to hide in channels, misuse channels, or not be social with the community. We want to provide a fun, enjoyable and friendly environment. xXGLITCHXx, CPT., EO Headquarters Company Commanding Officer Office Use - EO.doc