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  1. New Game Nights: Division staff and my self have decided to add another game night during the week, this day being Friday nights. We have also decided to add 2 Modded Squad Nights per month. Modded Squad Nights will be the first and third saturdays every month. Our new schedule starting on 10JAN2022 will be as follows: Standard Squad: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 2000EST (8pm EST) Modded Squad first and Third Saturday of the month at 2000EST (8pm EST) Events will be posted in the discord for these days each month. We will be utilizing the events tab quite frequently, please use it. Lastly, to remain active you are required to play 4 hrs with us per week. It does not matter what combination of days you can make it, as long as you get your 4 hrs in. Staff Changes: I have taken over as the division leader, with Shuckxx stepping down into the co- leader position. Truskey has accepted the second Moderator position. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. remember your chain of command.
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