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EO / ST6 Merge Announcement

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SUBJECT: Merge Announcement - 5/25/2020


Members & Staff of Exiled Order, attention to order;

1. Effective 05/24/2020 at 2330 EST, Exiled Order [EO] and Seal Team 6 [ST6] have merged together to be one clan and community. While we are in the transition phase, I ask both clans, [EO] and [ST6], to bear with the Moderation and Administration staff. As a dedicated staff team, we know that there is a lot of dust to settle and there may be a little bit of chaos in the upcoming days and/or weeks. 


2. All members, old and new, are to continue to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the administration. Please keep in mind that all questions should be directed up the Chain of Command, starting at the lowest level.


3. Any and all requests for promotions and awards must be made by the member themselves, with all proper documentation ready for review. Staff members should NOT be recommending these for members, unless special circumstances are in place or the award/rank requires it to be recommended by a staff member, ie. Staff Rank Promotions.


4. With that being said, both myself and xXGLITCHXx ask everyone, whether they have been in [EO] or just coming over from [ST6], to reach out to one another - make new friends and have fun.


5. All incoming members are to familiarize with the #st6-important-info documents and the #members-announcements. 


Delly, Director, EO

xXGLITCHXx, Assistant Director, EO

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