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Authorization for Promotion

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26 May 2020



TO: Intron, Doodlebob, ShadowCall, HyperjsoN, Mitchell

SUBJECT: Authorization for Promotion


Attention to Orders,

1. On 25 May 2020, Exiled Order [EO] had a community merge with Seal Team 6 [ST6]. This was an outstanding feat that is creating one large and outstanding team. With the community growing ever so rapidly, from the merge, to the recruitment, the Command Staff of Exiled Order has authorized five (5) members to be promoted.


2. These members were hand selected due to their dedication to the community as a whole and have more than earned the rank being given. Their dedication is something we all can take a piece of, learn from, and grow with. I implore all of you to continue the strong work you are doing, continue to learn and continue to grow.


3.       Please give a warm congratulations to the following members:
                    a.      Intron -- Promoted to the rank of: Senior Moderator

                    b.      Doodlebob – Promoted to the rank of: Senior Moderator

                    c.       ShadowCall – Promoted to the rank of: Senior Moderator

                    d.      HyperjsoN – Promoted to the rank of: Moderator

                    e.      Mitchell – Promoted to the rank of: Moderator




Delly, Director, EO

xXGLTICHXx, Asst. Director, EO


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