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[EO] Update - APR 2020

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Members & Guests,

Exiled Order’s Board of Directors and Administration Staff have decided to support Offworld Industries games. This means we shall officially support fully Squad and maybe a few others as time progresses (Post Scriptum, Beyond the Wire, ArmA 3). Exiled Order was founded on tactical gameplay and professionalism, we plan to continue both aspects during our rebuild phase. Our clan shall support both the casual and competitive scenes within our supported games. There will be more information about our competitive scene at a later date.

New changes; no roll-calls, no strict Code of Conduct Articles for our membership or old ways of doing things. If a member wishes to play another game during their time off, they will have the opportunity to do so without punishment. With that said though, we will require members to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours a week of gameplay in our supported games, check discord often and be active. Administrators and Moderators will have the right to set any member to AWOL / Inactive or removed if the conditions are not met. Make sure to have our discord unmuted and check each channel you have access to regularly. These are subject to change based on the needs and demands deemed necessary by the Staff. Each current member shall continue to hold their current rank until further notice in order to prepare for recruitment being reopened. With that said, Recruitment will be reopened as soon as possible, more information to come in the next few days.

The Administrators and Moderators will be reaching out to everyone who is either Leave of Absence or AWOL / Inactive within the next few day’s, keep an eye out in your DMs.

Lastly, with some brief discussions, we have decided that we will be returning to the old Exiled Order Tags, [EO]. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact any level of Staff. All of our Code of Conduct/rules have been updated, make sure to read them!

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