Exiled Order History

        October 2014 to September 2015: Exiled Order was established in October of 2014, and was known as an ArmA 3 community. We were known as a professional Mil-Sim community that completed online operations suitable for 50 players at a time, along with having a re-vamped Invade and Annex public server. After a few different expansion options we decided to put ArmA 3 on the back burners, due to some Administration and server issues. At this time we quickly realized that we wanted to create a community that something even bigger than what we had envisioned when we first established [EO].

        December 2015 to Present: During this time Exiled Order had played in two season of CS:GO and realised that this title would bring more members, along with the potential of moving higher in the gaming ladder. Exiled Order’s Logistics section was on a mission to find the next big thing, and we quickly came to the conclusion that it was SQUAD. As SQUAD was being developed we continued to observe and follow the updates, we then knew that it was going to be a big break for us. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, War Thunder, and World of Warcraft were on our minds, and we have continued to help support and grow those games with the help of our members. What the Administration and Staff at Exiled Order has envisioned in 2014 has slowly and will continue to grow over the coming years. In the summer of 2018, we changed our clan tags from [EO] to EO| that was apart of the clans face lift. Exiled Order has seen it's share with up and downs but has always come back to dominate the battlefield. We look forward to 2020 and feel it'll bring good things to the Squad scene once again.